Aircraft Acquisition

The acquisition of a private aircraft is an exciting time, but it can become overwhelming without the proper support and expertise. We leverage our nearly 70 years of operational and maintenance expertise to help you make the best decisions, save you time and money, and achieve your goals.

SC Makes Achieving Your Goals Easy

Fees are fixed and known upfront, we will provide unlimited support throughout the entire process, which can take up to 12 months, giving our clients all the time they need to review options and make the best decision.

Our approach is simple, easy to understand, and gives you a partner during the aircraft acquisition process.

  • Introductory call
  • Understanding your needs / Acquisition timeframe
  • Operating environment / 91 VS 135* / Charter service
  • Initial option recommendations
  • Operating budgets / Pro-formas
  • Short-list discussions
  • Aircraft search
  • LOI /Purchase negotiations with seller
  • Pre buy inspection / test flight
  • Closing
  • Aircraft upgrades / installation / refurbishment
  • Entry into service / Your maiden flight
* Benefits of operating under Part 135 is the ability to be compensated for aircraft operations and shifting liability to a third party.  Under Part 91 you cannot operate for compensation or hire. 
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