Air Charter Makes It Easy.

SC Aviation specializes in Private Jet Air Charter with aircraft conveniently located for executive flights out of Chicago, IL, Milwaukee, WI, Minneapolis, MN and every airport in between! Flying with SC Aviation is a lot like having your own, personal private jet that can take you anywhere you need to be. Whether you need to get to an important meeting and home again, connect with your group on the golf course or just want to travel without the hassles of commercial airports, SC Aviation has been offering a “world class” business aviation experience for almost 70 years in the Chicago and Wisconsin Region.

Let SC Aviation make it Easy next time you book a private jet charter! Sit back and enjoy the free WiFi, luxurious interiors and catering while we take care of the rest! All air charter quotes are free and prompt with a sales staff standing by 24/7. Also check out our Private Jet One Way List.

Anywhere You Need to Be Wherever You Are

SC Aviation frequently picks up in all Midwest locations. With headquarters located in Janesville, WI and a fleet of Hawkers and Lear Jets scattered throughout Southern Wisconsin and Chicago, IL. SC Aviation is the preferred private jet provider for all Wisconsin air charter, Minnesota and Illinois private jet charter needs.

Time is valuable; don’t waste it driving to a faraway airport! From phone call to runway, SC Aviation will be at your location within hours. Popular pick-up spots can be reached within minutes and our aircraft are easily available for air charter at locations such as Madison, WI and Rockford, IL.

Private Jet Management Safety and Services

Operating for almost 70 years in the business aviation environment, SC Aviation is one the most experienced private flight departments in the Chicago region. Let SC Aviation focus on the fundamentals of safety and service by arranging an all-inclusive aircraft management package to include: flight support/planning, maintenance compliance, crew staffing, safety management, regulatory compliance and numerous aircraft management cost-savings and benefits.

Private Jet Maintenance Chicago and Milwaukee

SC Aviation’s FAA-approved Part 145 repair station is strategically located in Janesville, WI for aircraft maintenance and compliance in the Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis – St. Paul region. The highly trained and experienced aircraft maintenance technicians offer a complete range of services including: Altimeters, Transponders, the Hawker 700/800/900 series, the Lear 31/35 series, the CE-500 series and etc. Let SC Aviation help your flight department limit down time and lower cost!

Discover the Difference

Attention To Detail
Extreme care goes into the arrangement of every flight down to the smallest details.
Phenomenal Condition
New interiors ensure your comfort and FREE Wi-Fi keeps you productive.
Professional Staff
We demonstrate the difference between a smile and genuine customer care.
The Safest Choice
Almost 70 years of aviation experience proves we are one of the safest in the Midwest.

Quite simply, SC Aviation is the ultimate air charter service catering to those who want the benefits of private flying and expect convenience, security, predictable costs and a charter company they can trust.