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Chicago Helicopter Charter

Bell 430 Helicopter

SC Aviation offers private helicopter charter service throughout the Chicago area.

Our preferred vendors at the Vertiport (IL43) are conveniently located in Chicago’s medical district on S. Wood Street (just south of W Roosevelt Road).

Whether you and your party are in the city or suburbs, SC Aviation is here to arrange and book your private helicopter transportation. Typical helicopter charter services are designed to take you from the major aircraft hubs such as O’Hare, Midway, Palwaukee (Chicago Executive) and Dupage and transport you in a more efficient way than driving. Typical flight times from O’Hare to the Vertiport range from 8-12 minutes.

Our helicopter booking service is also designed for the weekend vacationer! Let SC Aviation coordinate your helicopter travel needs from downtown to Lake Geneva, Northern Wisconsin and Northern Michigan. Flight times from Downtown to Lake Geneva are just over 30 minutes and Northern Wisconsin in just over an hour! The time savings are endless, save the hassle and hours in the car by calling SC Aviation now.

All private helicopter services are fully vetted and crewed to meet the strict safety standard that you have come to know with SC Aviation, Inc. Each aircraft is flown with two fully trained and qualified crew members, the equipment is well maintained by certified mechanics and each flight is fully audited by major safety agencies such as AR/GUS, WYVERN and/or Air Charter Safety Foundation.

Retail Helicopter Prices in Chicago

To/FromConnectionOne Way Flight Time (mins)One Way Flight Charge*
Vertiport (43IL)Midway (MDW)4$1,300
Vertiport (43IL)Gary, IN (GYY)8$2,100
Vertiport (43IL)O’Hare (ORD)8$2,300
Vertiport (43IL)Chicago Exec (PWK)12$2,100
Vertiport (43IL)Chicagoland Speedway (IL98)14$2,600
Vertiport (43IL)DuPage, IL (DPA)15$2,600
Vertiport (43IL)Kenosha, WI (ENW)24$4,000
Vertiport (43IL)South Bend, IN (SBN)28$5,000
Vertiport (43IL)Racine, WI (RAC)28$5,000
Vertiport (43IL)Milwaukee, WI (MKE)31$5,700
Vertiport (43IL)Grand Geneva Resort (CO2)33$5,200
Vertiport (43IL)Janesville, WI (JVL)35$6,000
Vertiport (43IL)Sheboygan, WI (SBM)50$8,100
Vertiport (43IL)Indianapolis (IND)60$10,200
Vertiport (43IL)Green Bay, WI (GRB)75$12,800
*Or Round Trip (Single Day Only)