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Aircraft Management

With changing regulations, ongoing training and rising costs, owning an aircraft can be overwhelming.  Our Aircraft Management Program uses our expertise to make aircraft ownership as simple as possible.

SC Aviation will manage your aircraft and take care of all the day-to-day responsibilities. Since our entire staff of schedulers, flight crews, mechanics, and operations team is hand-picked to fit our culture of providing outstanding service, you’ll be confident your aircraft is in the best hands.

Benefits of Our Program

Significant Savings

You can take advantage of significant savings on fuel, pilot training and insurance.

Personal Liaison

We serve as the liaison to the FAA and all other regulatory departments.

Well Maintained

We provide all the supervision and training of each aircraft mechanic, including third party vendors.

Monthly Reports

We provide monthly reports of ALL activity surrounding your aircraft.

With Charter Option

With our Aircraft Management Program, you can elect to turn your aircraft’s idle time into revenue for you.  By allowing your aircraft to become a part of SC Aviation’s charter operations, we will schedule your aircraft for use and produce income to help offset your costs of operation.  We will sell flying time on your aircraft and manage all related Part 135 requirements.

Without Charter Option

When you participate in our Aircraft Management Program, you have the option to enroll your aircraft in our charter operations.  If you decline that option, we will still provide the same outstanding services to your aircraft.

Our goal is to become your flight department and flight crew.  We will take care of all of the maintenance and upkeep of your aircraft while it’s not in use, and we’ll handle all of the details when you would like to plan a flight.