Our main focus is the safety and security of our clients. We take a proactive approach to risk management by creating an environment where all employees are stakeholders in ensuring the safety of every flight.

In addition to meeting all FAA requirements, we go another step beyond industry standards with our Safety Management System. SC Aviation analyzes each trip and recognizes trends within our flight department. This process ensures reporting and prevention of any safety related issues. Best practices are maintained and ensured by third party vendors and SC Aviation is audited on a regular basis and a compliant participant of International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO). With 70+ years of safe flights SC Aviation is a top tier private air charter provider! Check Out Our Flying Achievement Award!

ARG/US Gold Rated
Wingman Safety Private Jet

With 67-year of safe flights and our stringent maintenance standards, we have earned a GOLD Rating with ARG/US.

We’re also an active member of the Wyvern Wingman Program.

The Wingman Standard™ exceeds government regulatory oversight and represents a robust template of meaningful expectations for safe flight.