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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ page not able to answer your question? We are available and here to help 24/7 – Contact us for any aircraft charter, management and maintenance questions!

Which airport can I fly to?

In addition to the 550 airports serviced by commercial airlines, SC Aviation has access to an additional 5,000 airports. Not only can we take you to any major airports, but we’ll also gladly fly you into regional or rural airports that may be closer to your destination.

When can I fly?

Aircraft are available to fly 24 hours a day on every day except Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Call now, and you can be airborne in as little as 2 hours.

Can I bring my pet?

We’ll treat your pet to the same first-class experience that you’ll enjoy on our flight. We can make arrangements for most household pets—and some of the more exotic creatures.

How many seats does the aircraft have?

SC’s aircraft seat 7-12 passengers. Let us know how many will be traveling in your party (including the number of adults and children), so we can provide the aircraft that best suits your needs. Airline configurations that seat up to 29 seats are available upon request.

What are your fees?

Because each flight is customized for your needs, please contact us for a quote.

Does the aircraft have a bathroom?

For your in-flight comfort, all of our aircraft are equipped with lavatories. Our mid-size and large cabin aircraft each have fully enclosed lavatories.

Can I pay with a credit card?

For your convenience, SC Aviation accepts all major credit cards.

Can I bring my golf clubs on the plane?

Of course! When traveling in a group, please tell us how many sets of clubs (and size of the bags) that you’ll be bringing on board.

Is catering available?

We take pride in providing your favorite food and beverages. Each aircraft is stocked with snacks and beverages (including beer and minis for mixed drinks). We’re happy to arrange special requests, including complete meals. Have an allergy or aversion to anything? Let us know, and we’ll make the necessary accommodations.

What type of aircraft do you fly?

SC Aviation operates Lear Jets, Hawkers, the Falcon 2000 and the Falcon 900. Helicopters, turboprops and airline configured aircraft are available upon request!

How much liability insurance do you carry?

SC Aviation carries $200 million of general liability insurance.